XTOOL NEXT N9EV Smart Professional Diagnostic Scanner

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XTOOL NEXT N9EV Smart Professional Diagnostic Scanner

XTool NEXT N9EV is a professional EV smart diagnostic system. Equipped with a 9.7-inch high-performance long-lasting tablet. The system supports Bluetooth communication, DoIP protocol, and CAN-FD protocol. N9EV supports most EV models in the market, and all the software including APP, diagnostic software, and operating system support online updates. N9EV covers extensive diagnostic functions, including Battery Pack Detection, Tesla diagnosis, Reading ECU Information, Reading/Clear DTCs, Reading Live Data, and IMMO functions more than 40 special functions.

Why to get the XTool NEXT N9EV

1. For TESLA Adapters with OEM-level diagnostic functions;
2. Battery Pack Detection;
3. 40 special functions
5. Add Topology Mapping function
6. ADAS calibration supported
7. supports Bluetooth communication, DoIP protocol, and CAN-FD protocol
8. Reading ECU Information

Battery Pack Detection

Support battery pack detection for most EV models in the market, for example Tesla, Renault, Volkswagen, Nissan, etc.

Diagnostic for TESLA

You can perform DTC reading/clearing, read live data for Tesla Model X/Y/S/3 with the special adapter.

Topology Mapping function

Provides a visual representation of the communication status of each system in the vehicle during automatic scanning.

ADAS calibration supported

Support calibration function after replacing sensors such as camera and radar in ADAS system

Special Function

1. Oil/Service/Maintenance Light
2. Electric Parking Brake
3. Throttle Relearn
4. Window Initialization
5. Tyre Pressure Reset
6. ABS Bleeding
7. Gearbox Match
8. Instrument Cluster
9. Immobilization/Key Programmer
10. BMS Reset
11. Headlight
12. Air Suspension
13. SAS Adjustment
14. Gear Learning
15. DPF
16. EEPROM Adapter
17. Injector Coding
18. Airbag Repair
19. Cylinder
20. Seat Configurations
21. Electronic Pump Activation
22. Disable Transportation
23. Performance Tire Upgrade
24. ECU configurations
25. A/F reset
26. Odometer Read
27. Reset control unit
28. Rain/Light Sensor
29. A/C Relearn
30. HV Battery
31. VGT Relearn
32. VIN
33. NOX Reset
34. FRM Reset
35. EGR Relearn
36. AdBlue Reset
37. SRS
38. Clutch Adaption
39. Speed Limit
40. Language change
41. Start/Stop
42. ADAS calibration
43. Battery Pack Detection

XTool NEXT N9EV Specification

Operating System:Android 10
Processor:Rock chip 4 Core 1.80GHz
Memory:2G RAM, 128 ROM (202207 version)
Display:9.7 inch capacitive touch screen with 1024×768P resolution
Communication Method:BT 4.2 | WIFI 2.4/5G
Connectivity:DB15 TO VAG | USB 3.0
Camera:Rear camera, 8.0 Megapixel, AF with Flashlight.
Battery:10000mAh, 3.7V lithium-polymer battery
Working Voltage:3.6 to 4.2V
Power Voltage:DC 12V
Working hours:12 hours
Operating Temperature:-10 to 40℃
Storage Temperature:-40 to 60℃

Xtool NEXT N9EV Package list:

Color Carton
Packing List
Certificate of Quality
Tool Case
Quick Guide
Main Units
Charger DC 12V-3A
Charger cable
Test Connectors
DB15 to OBD2-16 Main Cable
USB3.0 To Type_B Main Cable
USB3.0 Data Cable (Connect to PC)
TESLA battery pack Adapter J1E04
TESLA Adapter 1-L1E02
TESLA Adapter 2-L1E03
Universal jumper cables
Universal jumper adapter cables
Battery Clamp Wire
Cigar Lighter Cable

NOTE: Not applicable to all models. Please check whether it is suitable for your vehicle model before purchasing.