Vident iEasy320HD For Heavy Diesel Vehicles

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iEasy320HD can be used as both: 1- A Multi-System diagnostic scan tool for 24V large diesel trucks 2- An OBD2 Engine Code Reader for 12V OBD2 compatible cars (Petrol, Diesel & Hybrid). It enables you to easily read fault codes and know why Check Engine light is on and clear the fault after fixing the issue. It also can retrieve VIN from most modern vehicles, displays live data in text or graph format and perform a quick Drive Cycle Emission Monitor readiness showing results in colour and sound indicators. A must have tool for every 24V truck mechanic or driver for a quick and easy access to most basic systems on vehicles. 

Main Features

  • Multi-system diagnostics on heavy diesel vehicles J1939, J1587/1708 OBD 6pins, 9pins and 16pins heavy diesel vehicles
  • Engine diagnostics on OBDII vehicles J1850VPW, J1850PWM, ISO9141, KWP2000(ISO14230-4) and CAN(Control Area Network ISO15765-4) Vehicle Communication Protocols
  • Supports all the 10 OBDII test modes, enhanced Mode6 functions - non continuously monitored systems test results
  • Multi-system diagnostics on heavy diesel vehicles (Engine, Transmission, Brake, Fuel, Body Control, Chassis, etc
  • I/M readiness: Red-Yellow_Green LED and built-in speaker indicates emission monitor status. They can also help catch intermittent problems or confirm repairs during a drive cycle
  • Graph live data
  • Retrieve protocol, VIN, Cal ID and CVN identifies from ECU (vehicle dependent)
  • Multilingual menu options: English, Frensh, Spanish, German and Russian

For Heavy Diesel Trucks, Buses & Tractors

The iEasy320HD is suitable for many heavy diesel trucks and vehicles using J1587, J1708 and J1939 OBD protocols. This includes:

  • Tow Trucks, buses, cement trucks, garbage trucks, municipality trucks, refrigerated trucks, mining trucks agricultural, industrial and construction diesel trucks.
  • Diamond, Ford, Freight-liner, GMC/Chevrolet, International, Kenworth, Mack, Mercedes Benz, Navistar, Volvo, Cummins, Detroit, Caterpillar and many more.

Package Includes

  • iEasy320HD Heavy Diesel Vehicle Scan Tool
  • User's Manual
  • OBD Cable 6PIN / 9PIN / 16PIN
  • USB Cable - Connect to PC to update online

NOTE: Not applicable to all models. Please check whether it is suitable for your vehicle model before purchasing.