Double Needle Probe Display Digital Cooking Food Meat Thermometer

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About this item


This is wireless thermometer for knowing the temperature of your food. The main screen is displayed with a blue backlight, so you can read it all the time.


The transmitter can display the temperature of both channels at the same time, and can monitor both temperatures at the same time even if the receiver is not around.


8 kinds of meat, 5 choices to make your cooking easier. It can detect a variety of meats such as cattle, sheep, chickens, pigs, etc.


Increase the color change alarm of the backlight. When the product is alarming, the backlight will change from blue to orange, and the drip sound prompts. If the product is not around you, you can remind you if you can see or hear it. The gourmet cooking is done.


This product has silicone protective case which is anti-drop and anti-drop. Non-slip design, it is not easy to slip when holding


Product description


Unique design for you!




Condition: 100% Brand New


Model: TS-TP20


Detection Range: 0℃~250℃


CRF wireless signal transmission: 433.92MHz


Launch distance: 30m


Temperature range: -20℃~300℃


Resolution: 1℃


Accuracy: ±1℃


Host Power Supply: 2 * AAA batteries (not included)


Transmitter Power Supply: 2 * AAA batteries (not included)


Host Size: Approx. 12.5 * 7.5 * 3.4cm / 4.9 * 3.0 * 1.3in


Transmitter Size: Approx. 9 * 7.4 * 2.5cm / 3.5 * 2.9 * 1.0in


Package List:


1 * Host


1 * Transmitter


2 * Probe


1 * User Manual