ThermoPro TP60S Wireless Digital Indoor Outdoor Thermometer Humidity Monitor

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ThermoPro TP60S:


Keep your home safe and comfortable by using the TP60S as it allows for you to ensure proper room temperature and humidity control. Wanting to place your remote sensor outdoors? No worries, our sensors can withstand rain without issues, giving you the ability to monitor humidity and temp outdoors before heading outside!


60M Remote Range:


Transmission Range: Up to 200 ft. (range maybe shorter based on interference present).


Support Up To 3 Remote Sensor:


1 receiver can synchronize with 3 Remote sensors. (Additional transmitters need to be purchased separately)




(1)Bold, easy to read LCD screen displays current indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity percentages.


(2)Features temperature and humidity percentages with trend indicator arrows allowing you to react in advance!


(3)Includes all-time / 24 hours high and low records for temperature and humidity.




1. 433 Mhz transmission frequency.


2. Indoor Temperature Range: -4°F~158°F (-20°C~70°C).


3. Outdoor Temperature Range: -4F~158F (-20C~70C).


4. Humidity Range: 10% ~ 99%


5. Temperature Accuracy: +/- 2.0°F (+/- 1.1°C).


6. Humidity Accuracy: ±2% from 30% to 80%; ±3% below 30% and above 80%


2 Placement Way:


Temperature and humidity monitor stands upright for tabletop use or is wall-mountable. Remote sensor is also wall-mountable.


Where TP60S Can Be Used?


It can be used bedroom, babyroom, greenhouse, warehouse and so on.


Package Contents:


1 x Remote


1 x Receiver


1 x Instruction