Car Ignition Spark Tester

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Spark Plug Tester Ignition System Car Auto Engine Diagnostic Test Tool
Black, flexible plastic connector hose for easy connection to spark plug.
Clear transparent housing with replaceable bulb for easy checking.
Tests for lack of spark condition.
Tests for proper spark and continuity of the ignition circuit to a specific plug.
Essential for trouble shooting all internal combustion engines.
Easy to use, get results in seconds.
Finds dirty spark plug connections, defective points, bad cables or connections, and more.
Bulbs flashes when spark circuit is completed, indicates ignition system or fuel delivery problem.
Simply connect between spark plug and spark plug wire.
Works on all ignition systems including Distributorless Ignition Systems (D.I.S.).

Usage Guide:
With engine off, remove spark plug wire.
Attach black connector to spark plug.
Insert metal end of tester into spark plug wire.
Try to start the engine.
If ignition circuit is complete, bulb will flash.

Package Include:1 x Spark Plug Ignition Tester

Package Content: 1 x Spark Plug Ignition Tester; Shell Color: Black
Dimension: 28 x 2.5cm / 11" x 1" (L*Max.D)
Metal Adapter Dia.: 6.5mm / 0.26"
Rubber Cover Inner Dia.: 13mm / 0.51"