Pneumatic Brake Oil Changer Brake Fluid Replacement Injector Brake Oil Pot

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1. Excellent quality: Made of high-quality materials, safe and durable, and more environmentally friendly.
2. Lightweight and portable: small size, light weight and easy to use.
3. Simple operation: Add the new brake oil to be replaced in the oil tank and put it on the brake oil pot to open the valve.
4. Convenient to use: the oil pump is connected to the air source, press the switch, one person can complete all work charge.
1. This product is mainly used for extracting brake oil and replacing brake oil. It is suitable for motorcycles and automobiles.
material: plastic
color: White
Package included:
1 set pneumatic brake oil changer (Single pot 1pcs/Double pot 8pcs/Double pot 10pcs)