OTOFIX BT1 Professional Battery Tester, Electrical System Analyser

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When it comes to your car’s daily performance, more important than the make or model, its battery determines whether you’re going to get out of the garage. Don’t get caught with a dead or failing battery. The OTOFIX BT1 offers pro-grade battery testing both in and out of vehicle to keep you on the road throughout the year.

Featuring a smart 5.5-inch touchscreen, the BT1 has everything you need to examine your battery and electrical systems and even register a new battery with the fastest, most convenient experience ever. Combined with OTOFIX Cloud Services access to the latest support issues and solutions, the OTOFIX BT1 provides a comprehensive battery diagnostics and repair solution that fits right in the palm of your hand. All OTOFIX products are backed by a One Year Limited Warranty.

Key Features:

  • Advanced Testing Methods, More Decisive Results
  • Smart Systems Detection, Bolster Confidence 
  • BMS Reset, Broaden Your Service Expertise
  • Comprehensive Systems Diagnostics, Unleash More Possibilities
  • Dynamic Service Experience, Faster and Easier Operation 
  • More Cloud Information at Your Fingertips