OBDSTAR D800 A+B+C+D Full Configuration for Marine Intelligent Diagnostic Tool

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OBDSTAR D800 A+B+C+D Full Configuration for Marine Intelligent Diagnostic Tool

D800 is OBDSTAR's new generation device for marine (jet ski/ outboard/ inboard/ generator) intelligent diagnosis.

Based on Samsung Exynos processor, it is equipped with an 8-inch display screen, which is extremely fast and smooth. 

D800 adopts the latest 3.0 APK platform and has shortcut functions such as auto-identification, intelligent retrieval, and one-click feedback. The equipment, with its fast upgrade performance and built-in help materials, is a good helper for marine maintenance engineers!

Product Features:

1. New android 5.1.1 operation system;

2. Simple and intuitive menu guidance allows you to quickly master the equipment operation;

3. Provide complete diagnostic functions including ECU information, code reading, code clearing, data flow, freeze frames, action test, setting, coding etc;

4. Record and play back real-time flow, quickly and accurately locate sensor and component faults;

5. Wi-Fi connection to the internet, one-click software upgrade;

6. One-click remote function, OBDSTAR technical staff remote assistance.

7. Free upgrade for one year

8. English only, can't change to other languages

Advanced Function:

1. The OBDSTAR mobile APP integrates functions such as diag socket location, flash code query, technical bulletin, manual service function(service lamp reset), basic parameters, etc., working with D800 to make marine diagnosis more accurately and efficiently (some functions are only available for D800 users to check for free);

2. The exclusive interactive wiring diagram and electrical appliance description query function make your diagnosis worry-free;

3. Various data flow display modes such as text, waveform diagram and instrument diagram allow you to easily analyse faults;

4. Auto Scan, Active Trim Configuration, Active Trim GPS Configuration, Auxiliary Joystick Configuration, BCM Simulator, Compass Configuration, Device Initialization, Drive Alignment, Helm Setup, Instance Setting, Maintenance Setting, Merc TDS Reset, Remote Control Reset, Set Engine Location, Set Tach Link, Set Tilt Limit, SMUX Configuration, Steering Wheel Centering, System Calibration, Torque Adjustment, Trackpad Configuration, Vessel Personality, and other functions.

NOTE: Not applicable to all models. Please check whether it is suitable for your vehicle model before purchasing.