Launch X431 SmartLink C V2.0 Remote Diagnosis Heavy-Duty Truck Module

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Launch X431 SmartLink C V2.0 Remote Diagnosis Heavy-Duty Truck Module

Launch X-431 SmartLink C 2.0 is a heavy-duty vehicle diagnostic module developed by Launch Company based on Linux system, dual processor Cortex-A7+Cortex-M7, 8G storage, 256M storage, 320*480 resolution. It supports Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, USB and other communication methods, and can be used with X-431 PRO3S and PRO5 series.

It also support full system fault diagnosis, with functions such as code reading, code clearing, data stream reading, special functions, and action test. Covering Cummins, Bosch, Weichai, Shangchai, Yuchai, Xichai, Chaochai, Yangchai, Quanchai and other engine diagnostic software, it supports trucks, buses, construction machinery, agricultural machinery, trailers, ships and other types of vehicle software.

Launch X-431 SmartLink C 2.0 Heavy-duty Truck Module Features:

The heavy-duty truck module is used to expand the configuration of passenger cars equipped with DBScar lower computer to the integrated configuration of passenger and business,  and it is mainly supporting commercial vehicles

  • Compared with X-431 HDIII, the SmartLink C 2.0 is more powerful in function.
  • The transmission speed is faster and more stable.
  • The visual operation interface makes it more convenient.
  • It supports commercial vehicles, passenger vehicles, new energy and other models.
  • It supports super remote diagnosis.
  • 2-year free update.
NOTE: Not applicable to all models. Please check whether it is suitable for your vehicle model before purchasing.