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Style: 2 Vehicle Models + 15 Special Functions

Golo EasyDiag Pro is composed of a diagnostic connector and an APP. It is directly connected to the vehicle diagnostic base through the connector, and wirelessly communicates with a smartphone or tablet through Bluetooth, so that client software and diagnostic software can be installed on the smart terminal to diagnose vehicle faults. It realizes full function diagnosis of the whole system, including reading version information, reading code, clearing code, reading data stream, special functions, etc.


2 configurations options: (2+15) configuration / (6+15 configuration) and free update for the first year

Golo EasyDiag Pro comes with EOBD

Diagnostic software can also be purchased for a single day or year according to your needs

By Day: After each software is purchased successfully, there is no limit to the number of times and the number of vehicles diagnosed in a day (24 hours).

The version purchased per day is the latest version released as of that day, with no upgrade or renewal worries.

By year: Free upgrade within one year, after one year, re-purchase for use.