Smoke Generator BBQ Grill Tool

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Made Of 304 Stainless Steel Is More Solid More Durable Than Ordinary Iron.

Can be used in ProQ Smokers, Grills, in fact, just about all existing BBQs, even kettle BBQs provided they have a lid

The smoking wood dust bring about for 14-20 hours of smoke (The smoking wood dust need to buy it yourself ,Specific length of smoke time vary according to the type and quantity of wood dust added)


Stamping process,no solder joints.

Easy to use, the surface of the smoked mesh tube has no solder joints, and the appearance is beautiful compared with the previous generation.


Seamless joints

Our automated machines save us cost while ensuring that every product is the same smooth and beautiful, without scratches on the weld.

COLD SMOKE LIKE A PRO Simply fill the smoke generator with wood pellets, place it inside the barbecue, ensure the smoker is well ventilated - and light.

SMOKE MEAT, CHEESE AND MORE Cold smoking lets you slowly add flavor to meat, fish, cheese, vegetables, nuts, salt and other foods without cooking them. The unique flavors permeate the food and give it a depth and richness.