Ancel X7 HD Heavy Duty Truck Diagnostic Scanner Full System 12V 24V

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Heavy Duty Truck Diagnostic Scanner Ancel X7 HD Full System 12V 24V

Ancel X7-HD is an Android based brand new-generation overall diagnostic tool for heavy duty trucks and commercial vehicles and machineries. With 10 -inch high-qualified industrial diagnostic tablet, in which software covering more trucks, buses, machineries from home and abroad with extensive diagnostic functions. Featuring new diagnostic experience and cost performance, it can be a better choice for all users.

Basic Functions:

1.Read ECU Info
2.Read Fault Code:Read DTCs,Clear DTCs.
3.Clear learning value
4.Read Live Data:Data Stream Waveform Display
6.Read freeze frame data
7.Data Manage:Can manage Vehicle App,Testing pictures, etc. Users can make effective management of files and storage.
8.System Auto Detected:Automatically identify the vehicle model and information.


1.Basic Reset
2.Oil change
3.Cylinder shut off test
4.Cylinder compression test
5.Cylinder balancing test
6.EGR Solenoid Test
7.EGR Pulse Ratio Test
8.DPF Manual Forced
9.DPF Normal Regeneration
10.ABS bleeding

ANCEL X7 HD Truck Scanner Programming

1.Level calibration,
2.Idle speed learning,
3.Idle speed Adjustment,
4.Camshaft timing control learning, etc

ANCEL X7-HD Automatic diagnosis tool For Coding:

1.Control unit adaptations
2.Injector Codes
3.Read/Write VIN
4.Road speed limit optional vehicle speed set

Systems Coverage

1.Engine system
2.Body control system
3.SRS system Airbag
4.ABS-anti-lock brake system
5.Instrument System
6.Transmission system
7.Brake control system
8.Unit pump system
9.Common Rail System
10.Electronical control system
11.Natural gas system
12.Tail gas after-treatment system
13.Air-conditioning system
14.ATA-Anti-theft alarm system
15.AHA-Auxiliary heating system air-to-air
16.AUS-Audio system
17.BMS-Brake Management System
18.Bosch DENOX AdBlue System
19.Break control system
20.BWS-Preparation system
21.CCS-Climate control system
22.Comfort/assistance/safety systems
23.Compressed Air Reserve system
24.CSS-Collision safety system
25.CTS-Clock and Time System
26.EBS-Electronically Controlled Brake System
27.EHLA-Electrohydraulic steering system
28.EMS-Engine Management System
29.Fuel system
30.Exhaust Pressure Adjustment systems
31.ECM-Engine Control Module
32.Speed control systems
33.Turbo Control systems

NOTE: Not applicable to all models. Please check whether it is suitable for your vehicle model before purchasing.