Heavy Duty Ratchet Tie Down Straps

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Product Description:

1. Keeping cargo secure is not easy, minor, or cheap. Whether you’re looking to take your motorcycle along with your camping gear for a family vacation or you’re a professional trucking company that needs heavy duty tiedowns to secure customer loads in your fleet, this heavy duty ratchet strap has got your back.

2. Use this heavy duty ratchet straps to safely secure small or large cargo or equipment during transport, whether by car, SUV, pickup truck, or utility trailer. 

3. A Carrying Box: This heavy duty ratchet straps are packed in a carrying Box, so that it is easy to store and carry for you. Quality and appearance are highly valued, make your purchase value for money!


The professional Ratchet Tie downs For Flatbeds, Utility Trailers, Pickups, Trucks, Warehouses, Boats, Docks,Flatbed, Vans, Pickups, 


1. The J hooks are made out of double wires of thick steel. Heavy duty, unbendable, unbreakable.

2. The large ratchet is easy to handle, making it a breeze to pump your strap tight and slack it loose.

3. The durable polyester webbing of these long trailer straps will not absorb water, corrode, stretch, or shrink, can handle extreme temperatures, and remains resistant to UV rays.



Material: Stainless Steel and Polyester Fiber

Capacity: 5000 kg

Material: 50 mm heavy-duty polyester 100% webbing

Total length: 8.2 m

Net weight: 2.53 kg

Belt width: 50mm

LC strapping force: 5000 kg

LC tractive force: 2500 kg

Note: Belts are not suitable for lifting loads!