Foxwell Scanner NT634 Obd2 Scan Tool Automotive Code Reader 4 Systems Diagnostic Tool

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obd2 scanner nt634

Four Systems Diagnosis + Full OBD2 Diagnosis

Full obd2 diagnosis: This auto scanner supports all OBD II/EOBD car protocols and all 10 test modes including read error codes, clear codes, live data, O2 monitor test, on-board monitor test, and vehicle information for almost all obd2 cars.

In addition to basic obd2 diagnostic functions, this car diagnostic tool also provides four system diagnostics, Engine, Transmission, ABS and Airbag.

Engine diagnosis: By reading, clearing DTCs and viewing live data stream, the nt634 can help you easily pinpoint the cause of the engine system problem and turn off the warning light related, thus ensuring the engine works properly, and enhancing its performance.

Transmission diagnosis: By checking the transmission system, this car diagnostic scanner can figure the problem out via reading codes, or check the health status via live data viewing, and turn off the warning light, making sure that the right amount of power goes to the wheels to drive at a given speed.

Anti-Lock Braking diagnosis: By accessing to ABS system to view its live data stream, and retrieving the fault codes, this foxwell scanner can troubleshoot the ABS issue with a visual inspection of all brake components caused the warning light.

Supplemental Restraint diagnosis (Airbag): By detecting every electronic parameters in SRS system to check their health status, this car scan tool can address the SRS potential issues timely to ensure your driving safety, and turn off the warning light of Airbag.

car diagnostic tool

4 System Diagnosis+11 Reset Features+10 Obdii Modes

FOXWELL NT634 car scanner is an upgraded version of FOXWELL NT614, which added more commonly used maintenance features. This diagnostic tool performs Engine, Transmission, ABS and Airbag diagnosis on over 65 car makes, provides you an easy way to point out car troubles. With the reset service (throttle, Oil, EPB, SAS, DPF, Injector, etc.), this scan tool can do more functions than your expectations, and paid for itself when completed 2 maintenance.

NOTE: Not applicable to all models. Please check whether it is suitable for your vehicle model before purchasing.