Foxwell NT614 Elite OBD2 Diagnostic Scanner ABS SRS Engine EBP Oil Reset Car Scan Tool

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FOXWELL NT614 Elite OBD2 Car Diagnostic Tool Engine ABS SRS Airbag Auto Transmission+EPB+Oil Reset Code Reader OBD2 OBDII Automotive Scanner

FOXWELL NT614 elite is four system obd2 diagnostic scanner is delicately designed for pros and enthusiasts to pinpoint engine, transmission, ABS and airbag faults. The car scanner offers technicians accurate, stable and easy diagnosis to help you boost your bottom-line. It also provides easy diagnosis on more than 52 American, Asian and European vehicle makes. In addition, free lifetime software let you stay current with latest technology.


What Does NT614 Elite Have?


Universal scanner for cars ABS/SRS/Engine/Transmission+OBDII Diagnoses, not only performs Full OBD2 functions to read/clear faults, show live sensor data in graph, do your own smog check, Freeze Frame, On-Board monitor, O2 test, etc. But also can diagnose 4 main systems[Engine, TCM, ABS and Airbag(SRS)] to read/erase error code, display data stream. Besides, allows you to turn off check engine/airbag/abs light, and read TCM temperature, etc.


FOXWELL scanner provides routine maintenance - Oil light reset and Electronic Park Brake(EPB) Reset help to keep your car running smoothly. EPB Reset for 42 car makes. Oil Light Reset for 49 car makes.


The check engine light tester provides live sensor data in text&graph formats to view TWO PIDs simultaneously, including crucial PIDs such as Misfire, etc. Meanwhile, diagnostic scanner works on over 52 brands of American, Asian, and European vehicles, covering cars, light trucks, minivans and SUVs.


Lifetime Free Update+lifetime Technical Support , More you can do: Data Print, Data Review, DTC Lookup...Plug and play, can be used out of box and don't need to update it before the use.


NT614 Elite Four System Diagnostic

Diagnosis for abs system ABS is one of the most important systems from chassis control modules, the indicator warning light of which will remind you that there is something wrong with the ABS system. NT604 Elite obd2 scanner abs will figure out the cause for you after performing a comprehensive diagnosis of your vehicle. The abs warning light will stay on after you fix the issue. Then get NT604 Elite abs code reader to help you turn it off. Diagnosis for srs/airbag system Air bag/SRS system is located at the body control module, which plays an important role to ensure the driving safety. There are many possibilities if the air bag warning light stays on, including the trouble of airbag, air spring , collision sensor, airbag plug loosening, line open circuit and etc. Therefore, NT604 Elite srs scanner allows you to have a deep analysis and detection for your vehicle via read fault codes. But sometimes the permanent fault codes in this system will still appear and the warning light flashes after the airbag replacement. Then you will need this srs scan tool again to turn the light off. Diagnosis for check engine system Many car owners are always confused with the flashing check engine light, which will appear because of various problems, for example, the engine injector should be cleared or engine combustion is not good. If the problem is not solved in time, it will affect the quality of vehicle exhaust and pollute the environment. This check engine scanner diagnostic tool will do you a favour to locate the cause and turn off the check engine light with the problem resolved. Diagnosis for transmission system The transmission system is one of the powertrain control modules, but some issues like unworking electronic accessories and broken transmission computer will keep your transmission light flashing. It's hard to locate the accurate error within limited time. Fortunately, this transmission scanner will assist you to have a fast scanning of your vehicle and read the fault code easily, shutting down the waring light within minutes when you finish the repair.

Foxwell NT614 Elite Scanner Support Special Functions:

Oil Service Reset Oil Light Reset allows you to reset the service after car service Oil reset with one button offers quick and simple oil service reset for GM models only Manual reset produces step-by-step on-screen instruction for all Asian vehicles and most American and European vehicles Auto reset is a bi-directional communication procedure directed by NT644 PRO ​EPB Service Reset EPBD Service allow you perform the service and maintenance of brake systems, include de activation and activation of brake control system. bleeding brake fluid, opening and close brake pads, and setting brakes after disc or pad replacement, on multiple brands of vehicle where electronic brake systems are fitted.

Foxwell Professional NT614 Elite ALL 12 Mode OBD2 , EOBD, OBDI Diagnostic Functions for Engine

Read and Clear the fault codes, turn-off Malfunction Indicator Light (MIL). Shows Freeze Frame data. Shows Live Data in graph such as engine RPM, temperatures, ignition advance, speed & etc. Shows I/M readiness status.(Non-continuously Monitored Systems test ). Shows Oxygen Sensor test results. Request On-Board Monitoring test results for specific monitored systems. Component test & Modules present. Request Vehicle Information. Checking system status & DTC Lookup. Built-in DTC lookup library with cause analysis. Identifies cars quickly and easily with one-key VIN reading. " ? " Key ( " Help " Key ) - - displays helpful information.

Foxwell NT614 Elite OBD2 Diagnostic Tool Support Languages:

Korea, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Swedish, English, Dutch, Japanese, Italian, German, Russian

Foxwell NT614 Elite Special Function Support Car List:

Oil Light Service Reset for Chrysler ,for Ford ,For bmw, for Fiat ,for GM ,for Acura ,for Honda ,for Hyundai ,for Infiniti ,for Isuzu ,for KIA ,for Lexus ,for Mazda ,for Mitsubishi ,for Nissan ,for Scion ,for Suzuki ,for Toyota ,for Abarth ,for Alfa Romeo,for Audi ,for Bugatti, for BMW ,for Bentley ,for Citroen ,for Fiat ,for Jaguar ,for LANCIA ,for Landrover ,for Mercedes-Benz ,for MINI ,for Opel ,for Peugeot ,for Porsche ,for Renault ,for Rolls-Royce, for SAAB ,for Seat ,for Skoda ,for Smart ,for Sprinter ,for Vauxhall ,for Volkswagen ,for Volvo ,for Aston Martin ,for Dacia ,for Ferrari ,for Maserati ,for Subaru, for Smart EPB (Electronic Park Brake Reset) for Acura ,for Audi ,for Bentley ,for Citroen ,for EU Ford ,for Ford ,for GM ,for Honda ,for Hyundai ,for Jaguar ,for KIA ,for Landrover ,for Lexus ,for Maybach, for Mercedes-Benz ,for MINI, for Opel ,for Peugeot ,for Porsche ,for Roewe ,for Renault ,for SAAB ,for Scion ,for Skoda ,for Toyota ,for Vauxhall ,for Volkswagen ,for Volvo ,for Abarth ,for Alfa Romeo ,for Chrysler ,for Daewoo ,for Fiat ,for Ferrari ,for Luxgen, for Maserati ,for Rolls-Roye, for Subaru ,for Seat


Foxwell NT614 Elite Package List:

1 pc x Foxwell NT614 Elite

1 pc x User Manual

1 pc x Memory Card

1 pc x USB Cable

1 pc x Diagnostic Cable

1 pc x Blow Molding Case 

NOTE: Not applicable to all models. Please check whether it is suitable for your vehicle model before purchasing.