EDIAG Car OBD2 Scanner YA-101 Car Code Reader Diagnostic Scan Tool

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Vehicle Diagnostic Doctor: YA-101 is an upgraded version of basic OBD2 scanners with full function supporting all 10 OBD2 modes; including reading and clearing of current codes, O2 sensor tests, on-board monitor test (mode 6), EVAP system test (mode 8), I / M readiness, vehicle information, etc. Helps you pass the smoke check


Live data view and DTC lookup: view live data streams, live O2 monitoring, misfires, engine coolant temperature and engine RPM data; view real-time PID data from ECM; Integrated DTC lookup library with definitions.


Coverage of all OBDII protocols + 9 languages: Works with most 12V gasoline vehicles sold in the United States since 1996. Supports all OBD2 protocols: KWP2000, ISO9141, J1850 VPW, J1850 PWM and CAN. Support for 9 languages: Simplified Chinese, German, English, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Traditional Chinese, Russian.


Garage need: Plug and Play function, easy to use. Add battery test function to view battery status; color screen; Lifetime free software updates via USB port. It is recommended as a necessity in your garage / home and auto-shop.


🧲🧲Full OBD Service Modes🧲🧲


🚗Mode 01 —Request current powertrain diagnostic data.


🚗Mode 02 —Request freeze frame information.


🚗Mode 03 —Request emissions-related diagnostic trouble codes.


🚗Mode 04 —Clear / reset emissions-related diagnostic information.


🚗Mode 05 —Request oxygen sensor monitoring test results.


🚗Mode 06 —Request on-board monitoring test results for specific monitored systems. EVAP Systems.


🚗Mode 07 - Request emission-related diagnostic trouble codes detected during current or last completed driving cycle


🚗Mode 08 —Request control of on-board system, test or component


🚗Mode 09 —Request vehicle information.


🚗Mode 0A —Request emissions-related diagnostic trouble codes with permanent status after a clear / reset emission-related diagnostic information service