Dummy Car Alarm LED Solar Powered

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Color: BLUE

The perfect cheap anti-theft deterrent. The bright flashing LED light simulates the lights used in expensive vehicle alarm systems, which causes thieves to pass your vehicle in search of an easier target.


Using a solar powered built in battery you won't have to worry about changing batteries. You can just throw it in the glovebox if you're driving at night.




- Easy to install and looks clean on your dash panel.


- The LED light will flash in nighttime and will not flash in daytime. (You can cover the other end with dark tape if you want it to flash in daytime.)


- No wires needed, just stick it to the roof of the vehicle with the tape supplied or place it anywhere.


- No batteries needed


- It can be charged by solar whether you put switch to "on" or "off"


- Comes with a small switch so you can turn it off if you need to


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