ThermoPro TP-20C Remote Wireless Food Kitchen Thermometer

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  • 2 temperature sensors (probes)
  • Ergonomic, light and compact wireless (bluetooth) digital thermometer for convenient use
  • LCD display and temperature imaging
  • Manual setting of preferred temperature
  • Pre-programmed automatic programmes with temperature
  • Wireless mode. The distance seeks up to 150 metres
  • Warning about lost wireless signal
  • Sound information if the temperature of the meat being prepared exceeds the temperature set
  • Timer
  • Sound signal
  • Rubber case
  • Wireless thermometer for baking, grilling in KamadoClub grills, in the oven, etc.

The ThermoPro TP-20C digital wireless food thermometer features:

Temperature range: 0~300°C / 32~572°F ). Temperature error: ±1°C

Increased temperature signal. Temperature range signal. Remaining time signal.

 2 temperature sensors (probes). Cable lenght - 102cm.

 Signal strength (distance of operation) up to 150 m

 LED displays. Display size: 42 x 39 mm and 29 x 25 mm

 Power supply from 4 x AAA batteries.

 Weight excl. package: 284 g.

 1 year warranty