Breath Ketone Tester KT-6387AS

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How does it work?

Keto Monitor measures ketones through breath analysis technology of acetone

1. Press the power key to turn on the device.

2. The device will warm up and start a 10 second countdown.

3. Blow countdown, 10-0 seconds, blow into the device normally.


1. Take a proper deep breath and hold for 5-10 seconds (blow directly into the device can reduce the concentration of ketones).

2. When the screen shows blowing, slowly exhale and start blowing until the countdown reaches 0.

3. This is to ensure that the exhaled air is coming from inside your lungs and not just from the trachea, which may represent fresh air or room air.

4. Read the result on the LCD. If you are in ketosis you should get a reading of 0.2-0.6 g/l. Repeat the test every morning in a fasted state for best results.


1. Advanced nano-semiconductor sensors

2. Quick response

3. Intelligent microcontroller control

4. Direct test process LCD display

5. Digital LCD display 

6. Portable and stylish design

7. Audible warning over pre-set limits

8. Power saving design, low voltage display