Ketone Meter Ketone Breath Analyzer Keto Breathalyzer

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Digital respiratory ketosis monitor with audible alarm, red backlight


2.000 were not in ketosis;0.01 - indicates mildketosis;0.02~0.04-indicates moderate ketosis


Fast response and recovery time


Automatic shutdown to save battery power


Flashing letter Y=Yes, the subject is in ketosis


Blinking letter N = no ketosis in untested person


Quick response and recovery


Use two AAA alkaline batteries


Digital display of results


Product Advantages:

High Precision Acetone Sensor
Effectively monitor ketosis
healthy weight loss
LDC display
test more accurate
long lasting
Use disposable plastic mouthpiece for more hygiene

Professional acetone sensor, breath detection, more scientific.
Excellent material, ABS material, safe compression, fireproof, sterile suction nozzle, safer.
Simple operation, one key setting. Press for 1-2 seconds until the power is turned on - enter the preheating state - enter the air blowing state - blow in the gas - automatically display the result - after 10 seconds - automatically shut down.