Blue Point Basic Insulated Tools Set, 13pcs

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Blue Point Basic Insulated Tools Set, 13pcs


Suitable for automotive electric and hybrid cars servicing

Tools are VDE certified with certificate

Made from high impact resistance injection for increased connection for torque

Insulation material are anti-burn with high low temperature resistance

Test up-to 10000v with GS/VDE certification IEC 60900:2012

Set includes:

Insulated Phillips Screwdriver - 2x175, 3x150mm

Insulated Slotted Screwdriver - 2.5x75, 4x100, 6.5x150mm

Insulated Combination Pliers - 7"

Insulated Needle Nose Pliers - 6"

Insulated Wire Stripping Pliers - 6"

Insulated Adjustable Wrench - 10"

Insulated Cutter - 50x180mm

Insulated Saw Frame - 150mm

Digital Voltage Tester

Electrician Tape