Car OBD2 GPS Gauge HUD Head-Up Digital Display Speedometer Turbo RPM Alarm Temp

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Product Features:

OBD Multifunctional LCD: This product reads the driving data of the vehicle through the OBD2 platform of the car ECU computer, such as speed, RPM, fuel consumption, water temperature, and voltage, etc. Instantly read the driving information to prevent the driver from looking down at the instrument panel during transportation and affecting safety. This product does not rewrite any data in the ECU.

Multi-Function Display: Display rich data features, such as Driving speed, RPM, Water temperature, Voltage, Clock, Altitude, Driving time, Driving distance, Driving direction, Fuel consumption, Customize navigation, Mobile device interconnection, Navigation arrow direction, Satellite numbers, Turbine pressure, Air-fuel ratio, Longitude and latitude, Dynamic test, Oil temperature, Intake pressure, KM/H&MPH, Datastream, etc.
OBD + GPS Dual System: OBD + GPS dual system design, compatible with almost 100% of cars.OBD2 mode is only applicable to most vehicles manufactured after 2008(if you want to use OBD2 mode, please check whether your vehicle has OBD2 protocol or contact us for confirmation before purchase). The GPS mode is perfect for 100% of vehicles. (if your car is not OBD compatible, use GPS mode.)Dual System, Change free.

Easy to Install and Use: Plug and play, easy to Install. This unit has equipped with 2 cables: OBD2 and USB cable, just plug it into the OBD or GPS interface to use and read your car's data. Three installation methods: make the bracket attaches to the front windshield, make the bracket attaches to the center console of the car, or use the tape on the bottom of the speedometer to paste the speedometer on the center console. The bracket attaches can be rotated 360°, which is very convenient to use.

High Quality: Superior quality. The chip with powerful performance and compatibility to make sure dual system, dual-run memory, and dual-core processor high-speed operate.