Blue Point 1/2 Drive Short Sockets 3/8-1-1/4

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Quality and Durability in one package

15 Sockets Total
3/8, 7/16/, 1/2, 9/16, 5/8, 11/16, 3/4, 13/16, 7/8, 15/16, 1, 1-1/16, 1-1/8, 1-3/16, 1-1/4.

Single Hex
Comes on supplied socket rails

Blue Point is a trusted name in the automotive industry when it comes to quality and durability. The Blue Point 1/2 Drive Short Sockets 3/8-1-1/4 Socket Drivers are no exception. Made from high-quality materials and designed to withstand heavy use, these tools are perfect for any mechanic or DIY'er who demands the best.


The sockets come in a range of sizes from 3/8-1-1/4 inches, making them ideal for a variety of applications. The short drive design provides increased clearance and access to tight spaces, making them a must-have for any tool kit. Additionally, the 1/2 inch drive size ensures compatibility with most impact wrenches and ratchets, making them a versatile addition to any garage.


Whether you're a professional mechanic or just someone who likes to work on their own vehicles, the Blue Point 1/2 Drive Short Sockets 3/8-1-1/4 Socket Drivers are the perfect tool for the job. They offer the perfect balance of quality, durability, and affordability, making them the go-to choice for anyone who wants to get the job done right.


So, if you're looking for the best socket drivers on the market, look no further than Blue Point. With their long-standing reputation for excellence and a commitment to quality, you can be confident that these tools will perform just as well in your garage as they do on the job site.