Barbecue Cold Smoke Generator Grill Smoker Box

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  • ✅ Multifunction: The smoke generator is almost in any smoking cabinet, table oven, gas barbecue, charcoal barbecue, smokehouse, use in a barbecue cart, smokehouse, stainless steel smokehouse and smokehouse as smoking snail.
  • ✅ Professional quality – Jueyan's smoking room is distinguished by a quality finish: material: stainless steel; dimensions
  • ✅ High safety of use – thanks to its optimized design, no sharp and sharp wires disturb when using the cold smoke generator – Low risk of injury.
  • Ideal result for smoking - The cold smoking spiral ensures uniform and durable combustion of smoking chips thanks to the grid wire construction.
  • Economical and efficient - Low consumption of smoking flour in barbecue and gas burner. The cold smoke generator only needs about 85 g of smoking flour.