AUTOOL DM301 Auto Diagnostic Multimeter Car Circuit Tester

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Vehicle Repair & Specialty ToolsAUTOOL DM301 the Automobile diagnostic multimeter is a hand-held new diagnostic oscillometric multimeter integrating a digital oscilloscope, and digital multimeter, which is designed with embedded digital control technology.

Warm Tips

For better logistics and transportation, DM301 is not equipped with batteries. You need to buy 4pcs 1.5A batteries locally. Without the batteries, when you disconnect with charging cable, it will be turned off automatically.

AUTOOL DM301 Automobile Diagnostic Multimeter Features

  • 2.8-inch color screen display: screen practice can be adjusted, the data is clear and intuitive, and applicable to a variety of working environments.
  • Plastic Toolbox: The main unit and accessories can be well stored, and easy to carry, and the box is resistant to falling and crashing, effectively protecting the instrument.
  • Oscilloscope Function: Single channel, 500KHZ bandwidth, scope update rate at 1mS, perfect ranges of sweep time and vertical scales. It can measure slowly changing signals, suitable for automotive maintenance to measure and observe various signal quantities on automotive circuits, including motor drive signals, motor power voltage on electric vehicles, ignition signals, camshaft signals, crankshaft signals, wheel speed sensor signals, oxygen sensor signals, etc. of fuel car engines.
  • Auto Range & Ture RMS: Simply select the mode and connect your leads. The multimeter will automatically select the appropriate measurement depending on what it detects. With True RMS, the DM301 portable multimeter provides you with clear, accurate readings whenever and wherever you need them.
  • Multi-language: Support 12 languages, English, French, Portuguese, Polish, Spanish, Japanese, Russian, Italian, German, Dutch, Korean, and Chinese.
  • Software Upgrading: The instrument can update the application software with an SD card and copy the updated file to an SD card.
  • 3-Year Warranty: For damage caused by non-human factors, we promise to reissue parts free of charge within 3 years.
AUTOOL DM301 Automobile Diagnostic Multimeter Function

  • DC/AC Voltage: Detects DC and AC voltages of the circuit, up to 1000V voltage signal.
  • DC/AC Current: Measure 200mA DC and AC current, switchable high current mode, measure up to 20A.
  • Resistance and Diodes: When the detected resistance is too low, the multimeter will sound an audible alert.
  • Oscilloscope Functions: The handheld oscilloscope has a 500kHz bandwidth. One-button automatic display of the measured waveform.
  • Ignition Signal Diagnosis: Select the engine cylinder type and ignition and calculate the speed of different engine cylinders.