Autool Bt280 Automotive Electrical System Circuit Tester

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Vehicle Repair & Specialty ToolsAutool Bt280 Automotive Electrical System Circuit Tester

AUTOOL BT280 Electric System Tester is the newest generation intelligent Electrical System CircuitTester with 2.4-inch large-size LCD screen display. lt is dedicated to testing all 9V-30V vehicle electricalsystems.BT280 is Convenient, Fast, and lntelligent!


Multimeter Mode&Smart Test: AUTOOLBT280 Electric System Tester is covered with comprehensiveparameters of Multimeter, it can quickly test and automatically identified the Voltage, resistance,Positive and Negative poles of the tested component, which brings the user a lot of conveniences.

Oscilloscope Mode&Relay Test: AUTOOL BT280 is not only able to display the parameter curvediagram of the tested component, such as voltage, frequency, time,etc, but also can test thecommon automotive relay, like 5-terminal relays, and 4-terminal relays.

Component Activation&Injector Mode: lt can generate "Active" signals for components, such aslights, motors, and other on-board electronic devices. Also different pulse signals can be output tothe injector, which provides 4 pulse modes to better detect the condition of the injector.

0-5V Power Supply&Voltage Alarm: Capable of setting 0-5V output voltage, used to verify thewiring condition of the tested component.Equipped with voltage setting alarm. lf a short circuit orfault causes the voltage to be greater than or less than the set value, the device will alarm.

Multi-language Feature: 14 languages supported,English, Spanish, German, Russian, Italian, Polish,Portuguese,French, Vietnamese,Malaysian,Filipino, Indonesian, Arabic and Thai.