Autel MaxiVideo MV108S Borescope Inspection Camera 2023 Endoscope

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Experience Precision Inspection with the Autel MaxiVideo MV108S Borescope Inspection Camera 2023 Endoscope

Autel MaxiVideo MV108S Borescope Inspection Camera 2023 Endoscope

Autel MaxiVideo Endoscope MV108S allows you to examine difficult-to-reach areas normally hidden from sight, with the ability to record digital still images and videos, which offers you an economical solution to inspect machinery, facilities, and infrastructure in a safe and quick way. You can use this Autel MV108S Endoscope in many hard-to-reach, narrow, and confined places at home or outdoors, such as HVAC, vent pipe, engines, air conditioners, sofa corners, bathtub pipes, toilets, etc.

Highlights of the Endoscope MV108S:

  • White LED lights to illuminate the dark inspection areas.
  • 8.5mm small diameter allows it to be used in the tight spaces, 3cm to 8cm (1.18” to 3.15”) Depth of Field.
  • Wonderful for up-close visual inspections in confined areas, such as engine cylinders and small part inspections.
  • Super bright LED and provide 1920x1080 (2MP) crystal clear images.
  • Waterproof: IP67 Waterproof Level (Imager Head).
  • More useful accessories in kit to accomplish different tasks.
  • Compatible with Autel Diagnostic Scan Tools with Digital Inspection software.
  • 3-Step Easy Installation.

Autel MaxiVideo MV108

Autel MaxiVideo MV108S: Get to Know Everything Inside Deep

Autel MV108S snake camera with light is a small but useful add-on for 7-in and above Autel diagnostic scan tools, it can help inspect dark and small vehicle parts, such as spark plug holes, engine cylinders and other small part without taking it apart.

Together with Autel diagnostic scanners, you can take images & record videos using the Digital Inspection application.

3 Kinds of matching accessories, hook, side mirror and magnet are designed to help get small and hard-to-fetch articles in narrow places such as water pipe, hole, sewer, or corner under the sofa.

  • Magnet--- picks up small metal objects, such as dropped rings or screw
  • Hook--- unclogs obstacles and picks up wires in the pipes or confined
  • Mirror--- helps to look around corners and see the unreachable areas

Autel MaxiVideo MV108: Designed for Autel

Autel MaxiVideo MV108S: Designed for Autel

Autel MaxiVideo MV108S inspection camera is compatible with all the 7-inch and above screen Autel diagnostic scan tools to display the real time image of the inspected parts.

Autel MV108S Compatible Models:

  • MaxiCheck/ MaxiCOM MX808/MK808 Series: MX808/ MK808/ MK808S/ MK808Z/ MK808BT PRO/ MX808S/ MX808TS/ MK808S-TS/ MX808S-TS
  • MaxiPRO MP808 Series: MP808/ MP808S/ MP808K/ MP808TS/ MP808BT/ MP808BT PRO
  • MaxiDAS DS808 Series: DS808/ DS808K/ DS808S/ DS808S-TS
  • MaxiSys MS906 Series: MS906/ MS906S/ MS906TS/ MS906BT MK906BT/ MS906 Pro/ MS906 Pro-TS/ MK906 Pro/ MK906 Pro-TS
  • MaxiSys MS908 Series: MS908/ MS908S Pro II/ MS908CV
  • MaxiCOM MK908 Series: MK908 II/ MK908P II
  • MaxiSys Elite Series: Elite/ Elite II/ Elite II Pro
  • MaxiSys Intelligent Diagnostic: MS909CV/ MS909/ MS919/ Ultra/ Ultra Lite/ MS909EV/ UltraEV
  • IMMO Series: IM608/ IM608 Pro/ IM608 Pro I