Autel MaxiCOM MK908 Pro II MK908P II: 2023 J2534 Reprogramming Tool as MaxiSYS MS908S Pro II, Elite II PRO, MSUltra MS919, J2534 Pass-Thru, OE Coding, 36 Service 150 Makes, Active Test, OS 10, 4+128G

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  • 【2023 MaxiCOM MK908 Pro II】Updated of the old version MK908P, MS908S Pro, Autel released the enhanced version MK908 Pro II (No-IP limited ver. of MaxiSYS MS908S PRO II) to bring you a brand-new experience at the same cost. 1) Hardware upgrade: Qualcomm 660, 4+128GB, the latest Android 10, etc.2) Advanced features: J2534 programming, coding, active test, 10+ newly added features. 3) Broader coverage: 150+ brands, FCA AutoAuth. One device can totally support all the needs of a repair shop.
  • 【J2534 ECU Programming and OE-Level Coding】2023 MK908P II auto scanner, same as Elite II shares the coding and programming functions with Elite. J2534 ECU programming is designed for B-M-W and Mercedes, allowing you to do online programming directly. Along with the ability to code online and activate hidden features for Benz, BMW, A-udi, Porsche, VW, Nissan, Infiniti, Hyundai, and other major brands, OBD2 scanner MK908P II is definitely an top scanner that will win more orders.
  • 【36 Service for 150+ brands】Same as the OE scanners like snap-on, maxisys ultra ms919 scanners, Autel MK908P II has strong service capability and can go deep into every part to perform matching and resetting functions. What is better than the OE tools is that 36 services are not just for one specific brand, but for over 150 makes, covering 99% of the models from 1996-2023. MK908P 2 also supports AutoAuth, and Renault SGW, so you don't have to worry about compatibility issues.
  • 【All System Diagnosis & Comprehensive Report】Code reader MK908PRO II, same as elite ii pro, is a professional automotive diagnostic tool compatible with all systems diagnostics. It can diagnose all symptoms of faulty parts, including reading and clearing DTC. View a live data stream from every system. That real-time data means no delay in getting to work. Pre and post-scan reports keep your clients informed of the repair details and provide them with the evidence to settle insurance claims.
  • 【Active Test Gives In-depth Knowledge of Cars】Unlike conventional mechanic scanners, escaner automotriz professional MS908S PRO II MK908P II allows users can get access to the vehicle subsystem and output commands to the related ECU, thus driving the actuators to perform a specific function and determining the integrity of the system or parts. Monitor the operation of the actuators for accurate diagnostics, such as switching a solenoid, relay, or switch, between two operating states.
  • 【10+ High-end Features Help Your Repairs】Today's vehicles are sophisticated with hard-to-repair car issues. To meet the growing needs of repair shops, MK908P II for all cars adds 10+ high-end features: Component Matching, Online Account Login, VAG Guided Function, and IMMO. Power Balance, Refresh Hidden Function, VIN/License Plate Scan, etc. The scan tool also has extended functions: connect MV108 for endoscope purposes and connect BT506 for battery test purposes.