Digital external high-precision sensitive kitchen food thermometer

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Product Detail:


Model: ASD300


Index number: +/-0.5℃


Measuring range: -50℃ to 300℃ (-58°F to 572F)


Thermal response time: 2-3s


Connection type: fixed flange


Dimensions: 198mm * 68mm * 28mm (mm)


Main Feature:


1. LED digital display, super fast reading thermocouple thermometer


2. The thermocouple sensor has an ultra-fast reading response time of 2-3 seconds


3. Temperature measurement range: -50℃ to 300℃ (-58°F to 572F) (℃)


4. Accuracy: +/-0.5℃


5. Energy-saving settings: Automatically shut down without operation for 90 seconds, and automatically turn on after vibration.


6. Lock temperature function, keep away from high temperature!


7. IP67waterproof


8. Large backlit display, 180-degree automatic rotation display.


9. Calibration function, press and hold for 5 seconds to calibrate the object, press again to confirm to the calibration


10. Magnetic attraction function (built-in magnet) large hanging holes for convenient storage.


11. Use battery: one AAA battery


12. Probe material: food grade safety 304 stainless steel probe


13. Housing material: flame retardant, high temperature resistance, drop resistance


14. Probe diameter: 3.5mm


15. Probe fingertip diameter: 1.7mm


Probe length: 115mm