Alternator Free Wheel Pulley Removal Tool Set 18 Pieces

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Alternator Free Wheel Pulley Removal Tool Set 18 Pieces

Tools May Be Used While the Alternator is On or Off the Vehicle. Allows alternator shaft to be held while the pulley retainer is removed, easy removal of freewheel pulley from alternator either on or off the vehicle. Includes a special set of spline and star socket bits for the removal of Bosch type alternator free-wheel drive pulleys. Set contains both standard length and short length versions for ease of access.

Combined Socket Bits:

  • 1/2"Sq Drive; TRX-Star* - T50-33T x 113mm, Spline - M10-33T x 113mm,
  • 3/8"Sq Drive; Spline - M10-33T x 80mm
  • Socket Bit: 1/2"Sq Drive Spline; M10 x 140mm
  • 33 Tooth Spline Adaptor: 15mm x 33T, 22mm x 33T
  • Hex Adaptors: 22, 22 x 28, 19 x 28mm
  • Round Adaptor: 35mm-4 pin


  • 10mm Hex; TRX-Star* - T40, T50, Spline - M8, M10, H8, H10,
  • 12mm Hex; Spline - M10
  • Adaptor: 1/2"Sq Drive x 10mm Hex.

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