3/8 inch Handle Drive Ratchet Spanner Wrench

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Suitable for factories, production lines, repairing shop, auto repair factory, 4S shop, personal car modification etc.
24 tooth drive, maintenance space narrow and more convenient
Anti rust, wear, the overall hardening, only for more professional
Quick stripping function, the sleeve hanging is more reliable, avoiding the socket head wear and easy to fall into the maintenance space           
Material: Cr-V
Length: approx 201mm

Usage method:
1. When loosening a screw or nut with a ratchet wrench, the screw or nut must be preliminarily loosened with other high-strength tools before being used, otherwise the wrench will be damaged.
2. When fastening a screw or nut with a ratchet wrench, the wrench can only be used to fasten the screw or nut quickly and preliminarily, and then to tighten it completely with other high-strength tools, otherwise the wrench will be damaged
Package included:
1 x Ratchet Wrench