3/4 inch IBC Tank Barrel Joints Tap Adapter 2 Way Y Shape Garden Hose Nozzle Connector

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3/4Inch IBC Tank Barrel Joints Tap Adapter Garden Hose Connector Plastic Water Hose Pipe Adapter Replacement Valve Fitting Parts
Material: Plastic
Tap connector: 3/4" thread
Hose connector: Standard quick connector
Connection type: Thread
Type: A - Double head nozzle, B - Double head nozzle and Quick hose connector
- The water connector is made of high quality plastic material and is more durable than plastic parts.
- Tap connector: 3/4 inch thread, hose connector is standard quick connector.
- Each outlet has an on-off valve to control the flow of water and quickly shut off the water.
- The hose adapter can be used as quick connect switch, apply to IBC ton valve.
- It can connect two water pipes at the same time to water the plants.
- 2-way hose distributor is suitable for home garden irrigation, garden irrigation, agricultural irrigation, home balcony garden drip irrigation, etc.