Autel announced a special promotion in November 2023 offering a complimentary Nissan gateway unlock service. This promotion is valid from November 6th to December 6th, 2023, exclusively for devices sold to Europe (32 countries) or Japan regions. All series of Autel diagnostic tools, whether already registered or new, are included in this promotion. The device will automatically detect the IP and cannot be unlocked outside of Europe and Japan. To avail of the service, users must update their device's software to the latest version and ensure it remains within the software subscription. There is no limit to the number of unlock times during the trial period.

How to Unlock the Nissan Security Gateway (SGW) with Autel Diagnostic Tools and Key Programmers:

Unlocking the Nissan Security Gateway (SGW) function for Autel diagnostic tools and key programmers is a straightforward process. However, it is currently only available in Japan and Europe regions, covering 32 countries in Europe and Liechtenstein. Unfortunately, Russian regions do not support the Nissan gateway function.

  1. Understanding the Security Gateway Function: The Security Gateway Function is essential for unlocking gateways in security mode.
  2. Importance of the Nissan Security Gateway Function: When the gateway is in security mode, certain functions such as service function, active test, and coding are blocked by the security gateway, resulting in no response to the command. Hence, the Nissan Security Gateway function is necessary to unlock the security gateway and perform these functions.
  3. Supported Nissan Vehicle Models: Autel supports various Nissan vehicle models in Europe and Japan, including Juke, Qashqai, Sentra, X-trail, and Pathfinder for Europe (model year likely after 2019), and X-trail, Note e-power/Aura for Japan (model year likely after 2022).
  4. Purchasing the Nissan Security Gateway Function: The Nissan Security Gateway function can be purchased based on usage times. There are three methods to purchase it:
  5. Automatically prompted after reading a Nissan vehicle in Diagnostic or Service mode. b. Clicking on the OEM Authorization icon if available for the vehicle ($18.8 per unlock). c. Renewing the subscription through the OEM Authorization on the MaxiSys Job Menu.
  6. Using the Nissan Security Gateway Function: To use the Nissan Security Gateway function, follow these steps:
  7. Access Diagnostic or Service mode. b. Read the Nissan vehicle through auto-detect or manual selection. c. Click Unlock (if the function is not purchased yet, follow the prompts to purchase). d. Confirm the successful unlocking of the security gateway.
  8. Locating the OEM Authorization Icon: The OEM Authorization icon is available in the MaxiSys Job Menu or on the diagnostics toolbar interface after reading the vehicle.
  9. Purpose of OEM Authorization: The OEM Authorization app allows users to check account details, available usage times, and active OEM authorization periods for a specific vehicle. It also facilitates subscription renewal.
  10. Limitations without Nissan Gateway Bypass: Without the Nissan gateway bypass, users can only read/write fault codes and data streams but cannot perform active tests or special functions.

Unlocking the Nissan Security Gateway with Autel devices provides access to critical functions necessary for comprehensive vehicle diagnostics and programming. Ensure compliance with regional restrictions and subscription requirements for uninterrupted service.