Topdon TC003 Thermal Imaging Camera

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Topdon TC003 Thermal Imaging Camera

High-Definition Thermal Imaging

With 256x192 IR resolution and NETD<40 mK sensor & 2MP visual camera. User-Friendly Design, TC003 thermal imager provides a high-definition image with 4 different temperature detecting modes, 4 Temperature Reading Modes (dot, line, plane, full view), 4 Imaging Modes, 11 Palettes, 25Hz frame rates and -4°F to 1022°F temperature range.

Expanded Capabilities with OTG Functionality

The only thermal imaging terminal device on the market that supports OTG functionality. The USB device that was originally used as a terminal is evolved into a host, to provide mutual control or management between USB devices. Such as (endoscope, U disk, keyboard, mouse, printer, digital camera, etc.). The TC003 can be directly connected to the endoscope, which can be directly used in industrial detection, automobile maintenance, home maintenance, and many other scenarios.

Smooth Operation Supports the PC Online

The 5-inch color touch screen offers 800x480 resolution so you can see more details! The Android 11 operating system runs fast and smooth! With up to 32G memory, Store up to 120,000 thermal images and 45-hours of videos for easy access and analysis. You can also live stream the device to a laptop or computer and analyze the saved images. Share your thermal images and videos easily through Bluetooth, the TC App, or USB connection.

Advanced Secondary Analysis - Unlock the Full Potential of Thermal Imaging

Perform advanced secondary analysis on saved thermal images to reveal the temperature of each pixel. This advanced infrared thermal camera now supports detailed analysis for saved thermal images in your gallery. Swipe the color bar to highlight the desired temperature range, Read Dot, Line, and Plane temperatures on any pixel for in-depth analysis, Use this feature to gain a comprehensive understanding of thermal data.

Sturdy and Durable

This device is highly durable and resistant to damage. Additionally, it has overcharge protection, which prevents the battery from getting damaged or overheating. Comes with a 1-year warranty and lifetime technical support. The package includes: 1 thermal imager, 1 usb-c cable, 1 carry bag, 1 manual, 1 Power Adapter, and 1 Cleaning Cloth.