Topdon T-Ninja Pro key programmer scanner

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Style: Without T-Darts Key Reader

The T-Ninja Pro is an automotive key programmer tool developed by TOPDON Technology. As an upgrade over the T-Ninja 1000, the T-Ninja Pro boasts a variety of functions including Number of Keys, PIN Reading, Key Learning, Remote Control Learning, Delete Keys, and All Keys Lost.

With its real-time guided operation, immense online database, robust hardware, and intuitive software, you now have an effective and easy-to-use key programming machine for automotive locksmiths and technicians alike.

Running on Android 11.0, the product features a quad-core A17 processor, an 8-inch color display, and 32GB of storage (128GB expendable storage supported), presenting more stable performance over the T-Ninja 1000.

The T-Ninja Pro supports chip recognition and frequency detection when used together with T-Darts (optional), a TOPDON-designed Transponder & Remote Tester Tool, enabling users to perform key programming for most automobiles available on the global market.


  • Does NOT require internet or server connection to program keys
  • Supports most vehicles in North America, some Japanese brands and growing
  • Practical money-making functions: Read Pin Code, All Keys Lost, Add and Erase Keys and more
  • Step-by-step guidance through a series of functions.
  • Read Pin Code for most vehicles
  • Online Technical Assistance Center with a constantly updated database
  • Cost-effective; low price to meet the economic crisis and pay for itself in just one use
  • Regular updates for supported vehicles and future vehicles
  • Expandable Memory Storage
  • Reads & Clears Fault Codes
  • 8 Maintenance Services
  • Support wireless and wired dual connectivity
  • All by OBD, no soldering, no EEPROM

NOTE: Not applicable to all models. Please check whether it is suitable for your vehicle model before purchasing.