Topdon AL300 All OBD2 Functions Scanner Code Reader Diagnostic Car Scan Tool

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TOPDON AL300 All OBD2 Functions Scanner Code Reader Diagnostic Car Scan Tool

Product Description:

All Modes OBDII Scanner

  1. Read fault codes associated with Check Engine Light on vehicle dashboards.
  2. Clear fault codes so turn off the Check Engine Light after servicing and repairing.
  3. View dynamic Live Data to know how the car is performing.
  4. Display I/M Readiness status to know if the car is ready for the emissions test.
  5. Show Freeze Frame data to see what happened when the fault code is set.
  6. O2 Sensor Test to check fuel efficiency and emission status.
  7. EVAP Test for fuel tank system (carbon canister test).
  8. Access to onboard diagnostic monitoring test results to determine if some specific components or the monitors are normal.
  9. Retrieve vehicle information (VIN, CID, and CVN) to track car details and historical records.
  10. Built-in DTC lookup library, read generic (P0, P2, P3, and U0) and manufacturer-specific (P1, P3, and U1) codes; show the definition directly, save the search online.

TOPDON AL300 OBD2 diagnostic car scanner


What would you do if the check engine light comes on?

Drive the car, and it will go away by itself?

Probably. But you’ll:

  • Not able to pass your local emission/smog test.
  • Fail to detect underlying issues happening.
  • End up damaging expensive components.
  • Have an expensive repair bill that will come soon.

You need this obd2 scanner, TOPDON AL300, to get the car checked out ASAP, and know why the light is on.

Just plug this obd2 code reader in, turn the ignition on, and start the scanning. In 5 minutes, the list of fault codes will let you know where to start if the car needs a repair.

Once it gets fixed, use this scan tool to clear codes / check the engine light, and get your car back on the road.

TOPDON AL300 OBD2 car scan tool


Feel anxious when you take the car in for a smog test?

Of course, you will. If the smog test failed, it could mean costly repairs, late DMV registration fees, and unexpected expenses.

You can use this obd2 scan tool to reveal the following issues:

  • Oxygen Sensor Failure
  • Loose Fuel Cap
  • Catalytic Converter Failure
  • Spark Plug/Ignition Coil Issues
  • Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) Valve Failure
  • ...

The complete obd2 diagnostic modes including I/M Readiness check, O2 Sensor test, and On-board Monitor test, coupled with others in this code reader, will guide you in the right way to locate those faults and help you fix simple problems to save your money and stress before emission test.

TOPDON AL300 car scanner


You saw the “service engine soon” light was on, and paid 100 bucks to have a mechanic “take a look” at it, but in the end, he told you nothing was wrong?

Why not try this universal OBDII scanner?

It costs one-fifth of what mechanics will charge for JUST ONE CHECK. You can fix it yourself, and know exactly where the problem lay:

  • Clear codes to shut off that flashing bummer Check the Engine Light on your dashboard.
  • View Freeze Frame Data to check the snapshot of the running status when an error occurs.
  • View Live Data to monitor the real-time running components of the engine.
  • Access to VIN, CID, and CVN to have easy identification of the vehicle and so track its historical records.

NOTE: Not applicable to all models. Please check whether it is suitable for your vehicle model before purchasing.