Topdon ITC629 Handheld Pocket Professional Thermal Infrared Camera

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A Variety of Real-Life Applications

This thermal imager is useful to eliminate blind guesswork, by discovering, diagnosing, tracking thermal images of objects, humans, buildings, and animals etc., even in the dark, as quick as possible with complete accuracy.

The following is a list of potential uses:

Detecting Elevated Body Temperature
Moisture Detection
Electrical Inspections / Maintenance
Automotive Inspections
Home Maintenance
Energy Auditing
Heat Leaks
And hundreds more heat related issues.
Saving you so much time and money.

Empowering You to Make the Invisible Visible, Using TOPDON Infrared Thermograpgic Camera ITC629
-20℃ to 450℃ (-4°F to 842°F) Temperature Range, is broad enough to capture all of the temperatures in the objects or scenes you typically encounter.
0.07°C Thermal Sensitivity, to spot subtle heat loss or gain.
220*160 Infrared Image Resolution, to create a detailed image in identifying the problem.
35×26 Degrees Field of View, to show more subjects into a single thermal image.
Automatic Cold & Hot Spot Tracking, to observe changes more effectively within a fully colorized area.
4 Types of Emissivity Adjustment, to get more accurate inspection data.
5 Color Scale Palettes, to learn more about the area being inspected.
Automatically shows the coldest and hottest temperature;
3 Hours of Continuous Working Time on a single charge.
Durable, Robust and Lightweight, for any working condition.
Grab and Go Simplicity, set up in seconds with no learning curve involved.
Bonus 3GB Built-in Memory.
And more …

NOTE: Not applicable to all models. Please check whether it is suitable for your vehicle model before purchasing.