TOPDON PulseQ AC Home Level 2 EV Car Charger

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TOPDON PulseQ AC Home Level 2 EV Car Charger

TOPDON's PulseQ is the first of TOPDON's EV charging stations. 0ffering versatility, adaptability, and smart technology to users, the Pulsemakes EV chareine widely accessible. The Pulsed is compatible with most European AC electric vehicles because of the lEC62196-2 Typtconnector, eliminating most brand barriers to electric vehicle owners. The compact desien and multiple mounting options save space ingarapes mount the Pulse0 outside to prevent taking up interior space. The chareing station's interface can be accessed and adjustedthrough an app to set charging sessions during off-hours and to monitor the charging process.

Work Easier With The PulseQ's App

Use your smartphone to connect the PulseQ’s Wi-Fi signal to your home network. The app allows users to connect multiple chargers and perform charging jobs remotely. With the permission of the administrator (the first register), the PulseQ AC Home EV Charger can be operated by more than one person simultaneously.

Monitor Your Car’s Charging Process

  • Schedule Charging Times
  • Check Charging Miles and Cost
  • Customize Your Charging Process and Current
Monitor Your Car’s Charging Process

Plug-And-Play With App Control

The US PulseQ EV Charger's online mode features 2 charging modes: Plug-and-Play and App Control. App Control mode allows you to set charging times, adjust charging current, and track all useful data about your car’s charging status with your smartphone. In Plug-and-Play mode, the charging begins as you slot the charger into the vehicle, and you can stop charging by pressing the button on the side of PulseQ to pull out the charger. The smart design will automatically switch into Plug-and-Play mode and continue to charge your vehicles if the App loses connection with the charger.

Note: The PulseQ of the EU version and US dealer version has three charging modes: App Control, Plug-and-Play, and RFID mode, and they cannot switch automatically.

Be installed in15 minutes

If a NEMA14-50R outlet is installed and Wi-Fi connected

Compact Design & Easy Installation

The compact design and easy installation make the PulseQ a great option for those who want to install an electric vehicle charging station at home. The PulseQ EV charger can be easily mounted on a wall or a pole.

Certified AC EV Charger

The U.S spec PulseQ is a UL listed EV charger; meeting national safety standards with respect to design, performance, and installation. Equipped with a NEMA 14-50 plug, this Level 2 240V home charger can work more efficiently than the level 1 charger as it will provide faster charging.

Built To Last

Made with flame-retardant materials, this charging unit has the ability to operate in environments of -22°F to 131°F (-30℃ to 55℃), and in 95% humidity.

Safety Above Everything

The PulseQ EV Charger has been equipped with multiple safety protection features to ensure the charger is safe for use in any scenario, including Under Voltage protection, Over Voltage protection, Overload protection, Over-Temp protection, Short Circuit protection, Ground protection, Earth Leakage Protection (CCID 20), and Lightning protection.

Rugged Charging Cable

The PulseQ EV Charger comes with a rugged charging cable made of PVC and copper, which can accommodate up to 40A. This 16.4 ft cable allows maximum flexibility in use (25ft extendable option). The charger can be saved in the socket when not in use, and you can coil the charging cable and hang it over the socket for storage. 


Functional Description

  • Charging Mode: APP-controlled 8 Plug and Play 8 RFID Reader
  • Indicator Lights: 4 LED Lights--standby, charging, fault, and network

Electrical Specifications

  • AC Power nput/0utput Voltage: 230VAC/400VAC
  • Power: 7KW/11KW/22KW
  • Adjustable Current: 6-32A
  • Rated Frequency: 50/60 Hz
  • Connector Type: IEC 62196-2 Type 2 Plug


  • Working Temperature: -22 ~ 131F(-30 ~ 55C)
  • Storage Temperature: -40 ~ 167(-40 ~ 75°C)


  • Box Dimensions: 12.2 x 84 x 3.7 inches (310 x 215 x 95 mm)
  • Standard Cable Length: 164 ft.(5 m)
  • Optional Cable Length: 24.6 ft.(7.5 m)
  • Weight: 15 lbs.(7 kg.)
Packing List
  • AC EV Charger
  • Charging Dock
  • Wall-mounting Accessories
  • User Manual
  • Quick User Guide
  • Quality Certificate
  • Wall Installation Template
  • M6x63mm Expansion Bolt
  • M5x40mm Expansion Bolt
  • Charging Dock Installation Template
  • IC Card
  • SDoC available on request