Autel MaxiTPMS TS508 TPMS Code Reader Tire System OBD2 Diagnostic Tool TPMS MX-Sensor Programing Programmer Lifetime Free Update

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Autel MaxiTPMS TS508 Relearn Tool tire sensor program Tool Auto Diagnostic Tool Key Fob Testing read/check/active Tire Sensor

■ Introduction

The MaxiTPMS TS508 is a new generation TPMS diagnostic & service tool specially designed to activate all known TPMS sensors, read TPMS sensor status, check TPMS system health condition, program MX-sensors and conduct TPMS relearn. With Quick Mode and Advanced Mode options, you can save time and energy by choosing the most suitable way to complete TPMS work. 

■ Languages

English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Polish, Swedish, Korean, Japanese, Russian, Italian

■ Active Sensors

Activates ALL magnetic, frequency and tire deflation triggered sensors using 125Khz continuous or modulated waive signals


TPMS Quick Mode: basic TPMS functions to check TPMS sensors and program MX-Sensors quickly;


TPMS Advanced Mode: complete TPMS functions to perform sensor check , TPMS diagnose, MX-Sensor program and sensor position relearn.

■ 4 ways to program Autel MX-Sensors


1.  Copy By Activation;
2. Copy By Manual Input;
3. Auto Create 1-16;
4. Copy By OBD;

■ TPMS Diagnosis

Read / clear DTCs of TPMS and resets Malfunction Indicator Light

■ OBDII Connection

Provides fast and accurate communication with Vehicle's ECU to run TPMS Diagnosis

■ Key Fob Testing

If you're tired of going to a dealership to test the signal strength of the key fob, with gm tpms relearn tool TS508, the key fob testing will become easy and convenient. When your key fob starts to perform abnormally or stops working, this TPMS tool can check your key fob to make sure it's in top condition.

■ Advanced Version of TS401/TS408/TS501/TPMS PAD

As the upgraded version of TS401, Autel tpms scanner TS508 offers faster and smarter TPMS repairs with two TPMS service modes: the basic Quick Mode and the complete Advanced Mode. Compared to Autel TS408 & TS401, TS508 can read/clear TPMS DTCs and has an OBD2 connector, which makes it possible to program sensors via Copy by OBD and relearn sensors via OBD Relearn.

■ Exclusive TPMS Status Screen

1. Read ECU sensor ID;
2. Check sensor ID and ECU ID matching condition;
3. Read DTCs from ECU and erase DTCs;
4. View DTCs detail description;

■ Features


 1. Vehicle Specific Database (Domestic, Asian and European)
2. Read TPMS sensor status and check TPMS system health condition
3. Read Data including tire pressure, temperature, battery condition, OEM Part number and relearn information.
4. Read / clear DTCs of TPMS and resets Malfunction Indicator Light
5. Read / write sensor IDs from vehicle ECU
6. Shows ID matching in color and Low Battery Indicator for Sensor
7. Checks Remote Keyless Entry (Key FOB) for transmissions
8. Program vehicle ECU to learn sensor IDs and positions
9. Program Autel Wireless MX-Sensors and Receives 315MHz or 433MHz signals
10. Batch Programming - Program multiple sensors with one touch (up to 16 sensors at a time)
11. Relearn procedures at the touch of help button and Displays different sensor relearn procedures for different OEM sensors
12. TPMS Status Screens and On-screen code definitions for Easy Diagnosis
13. Auto Selection of Frequency for Fast Scanning
14. Activates ALL magnetic, frequency and tire deflation triggered sensors using 125Khz continuous or modulated waive signals
15. Displays OBD locations for test vehicles
16. OEM sensor information display based on vehicle Make/Model/Year
17. Pre-selection process offers faster activation and diagnostics
18. Provides visual and audible responses to confirm sensors are working properly
19. Proper LF signal to prevent being fooled by other RF signals
20. Code Notification Information
21. Built-in rechargeable 3.7 v Li-polymer battery and Automatic power-off to preserve battery life
22. Ergonomic design features strong housing and protective rubber boot
23. TFT Color Display (320 X 240 dpi) and 8.0" LED Capacitive touchscreen with 1024 X 766P resolution

■ Specifications

Display :  TFT color display (320 x 240 dpi)
Power :  3.7 V Li-polymer battery; 3200 mAh
Operating Temperature :  0°C to 50°C (32°F to 122°F)
Storage Temperature :  -20°C to 70°C (-4°F to 158°F)
Dimensions :  215 mm (8.46") / 105 mm (4.13") / 37 mm (1.46")
Weight :  0.39 kg (0.86 lb.)
Connectivity :  Mini USB 2.0 x 1
Software Update :  Lifetime Free Update
Diagnosis method :wired

Upgrade method : Via USB

Battery capacity : 3200 mAh lithium polymer battery

Start Time : 3 seconds

Study method : have

Screen Resolution :320×240

Screen size :2.8 inches